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Gruesome – Dimension of Horror

I have no doubt that if you were new to death metal and asked Gruesome if you should listen to Dimensions of Horror or Scream Bloody Gore, they would immediately tell you to listen to Death. But, you know what? They’re making some damn fine slabs of music that help add a little variety to that Death playlist that has been devoid of new music for nearly 20 years.…by Spencer Hotz

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The Rocket Summer – Zoetic Tour

After swapping touring for a hiatus of instrumental tinkering to produce his new album Zoetic, Bryce Avary made a stop at The Rebel Lounge on the second leg of his Zoetic tour. Zoetic is such a vibrant word, and I could think of no other that would have fit Avary’s music better as it means of or relating to life; vital; living. If you still haven’t made it out to see The Rocket Summer live, just k…by Autumn Tullock

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Eyehategod, Skeletonwitch

By the time the glorious combination of Conjurer, Kvlthammer, Skeletonwitch and Eyehategod had come to a close, I had accumulated a grand total of 1.5 hours of sleep in a 28-hour period. Was I exhausted? Of course. Was it worth it? You’re damn skippy it was because those performances set my metal brain ablaze with joy and a burning desire to slam beers while headbanging until I collapsed.…by Spencer Hotz

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