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Alex Story of Cancerslug

Being adventurous in life and taking a step out of your comfort zone yields one of two results: a negative experience that leaves you regretful of your decision or an unexpected surge of gratitude that you wouldn’t have gained without having done so. With the majority of people avoiding such exposure for risk of the former, I took a chance and gained the latter by seeing an unfamiliar band called…by Simon Peter

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Marcos Leal of Shattered Sun

I had the opportunity to attend the final show of the Dark Roots of Thrash Tour, and have my first experience seeing newcomers Shattered Sun take the stage. Their set was great and you could really tell the guys in the band were just having a blast doing what they do. The next day, as Shattered Sun made the long trek back to Texas from Ohio, I was able to catch up with their lead singer, Marcos Le…by Spencer Hotz

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Four Year Strong

If there’s an Indianapolis venue where ear plugs are an absolute must, it’s the Emerson Theater. My first Emerson Theater experience was definitely an eye-opening and ear-ringing one. As I entered the venue on a chilly Saturday night in Indy, I was slightly unprepared for how old I would feel… It was a worn-out looking venue was filled to the brim with teenage anarchists who had a complete disrega…by Jennifer Uebelhack

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