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Korn Konference

Life sure can throw some wild curves your way when you least expect it. Sometimes, they’re the type of curves that leave you floating on cloud 9… But for those other times when life decides to clean your clock, the best thing you can do is get back up, dust yourself off and keep moving forward with the hope of a brighter future to come while you harvest what good you can make of your situation.…by Simon Peter

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Summer Ends Music Festival – Sunday

Speaking for most people, a weekend spent at a music festival celebrating life with good people and good music in cool weather is a better than ideal way to celebrate the end of summer. For some, it sounds like a dream. For us in Arizona, it is. What could have been a perfect weekend was unfortunately dismantled by mother nature in one of her moody attacks. It didn’t just cool down in the valley..…by Heather Traficano

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The Picturebooks – Imaginary Horse

KC Moore’s in Tempe, Arizona, is a low-key bar and the best location I can think of to be introduced to The Picturebooks. While waiting for the rest of our friends to arrive one evening, my friend and I decided to listen to Imaginary Horse. Sitting there, sharing headphones (mine in the right and his in his left), we sipped on a kiltlifter and loaded the album. While the album was loading, we read…by Jessica Jenner

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