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Massive Attack – Ritual Spirit EP

As of late, the music world has seen a handful of revered household names make long-awaited resurgences into the lives of their faithful fans from all respected walks of musical interest; Radiohead, David Bowie, Faith No More, Eagles of Death Metal, Underworld and Anthrax are merely a few names to mention in scratching the surface of recent fan anticipation. Looking across the pond to England, one…by Simon Peter

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Scott Sturgeon and Brad Logan of Leftover Crack

Getting to have a sit-down conversation with someone whose music was an important part of your life is not an easy task. Thankfully, I was able to do what I thought was impossible: sitting down with Scott Sturgeon and Brad Logan of the legendary Leftover Crack for an interview. It became a big surprise to me when I met with Sturg and Brad only to find Sturg on crutches. Sitting across a table from…by Kurtis Espino

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The emergence of singer-songwriters has been getting stronger over the past few years. There‚Äôs truly a plethora of artists around today that write, create and arrange their own music. Sure, there are engineers and producers that help craft what you would hear on the radio, but the soul and personification of the songs are from the person who will be performing them. Sadly, if you read the liner no…by Jeff Forrest

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