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John Reese, cofounder of Mayhem Festival

If you or I were one of the two people that created the largest traveling metal festival in the world, we would most likely want to be known for that. We would walk around our creation… Wait. We created this — we don’t walk. We would get in our golf carts and parade about shaking hands and kissing babies, telling everyone we saw, “I did this! I know you dig it. Yeah. I built the Rockstar Mayhem…by Jeff Forrest

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Faith No More – Sol Invictus

Shaking off the cobwebs of a mutually induced break-up just shy of two decades ago, Faith No More has officially broken the silence and satiated the hopes of fan anticipation with the release of their first full-length studio album in 18 years. Having hit store shelves and databases alike on May 19, 2015, Sol Invictus has raised many a brow from its positively favored climb up international charts…by Simon Peter

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Maryland Deathfest XIII

In Muslim culture, every member of the Islamic religion is required to make a holy pilgramage called the Hajj to the birthplace of the prophet Muhammad, Mecca in Saudia Arabia. Well, as far as I’m concerned Baltimore, Maryland on Memorial Day weekend is the official Mecca requirement for the legions of wicked extreme-metal fans around the globe. Based on the fact that I met people from Alaska, Fra…by Spencer Hotz

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