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Travis Miguel of Atreyu

At their show in Mesa, AZ, at Club Red in May, Atreyu lead vocalist Alex Varkatzas said that “for every band there is a Travis – a voice of reason.” At Van’s Warped Tour, I was able to meet up with rhythm guitarist Travis Miguel early in the day before their set later that night about coming back from their hiatus, experience on the Warped Tour circuit and recording process of their new album Long…by Autumn Tullock

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One Less Reason – The Memories Uninvited

There are so few bands that can play an emotional soundtrack so successfully. Some can try to render their heartfelt ensembles and come off being overly trite… Maybe in some cases even corny. Sometimes, if they focus on the lyrics too much, they abandon the need for the music to also be linked emotionally. At best, a lot of them could give up the music and write a few books of poetry. Cris Brown…by Jeff Forrest

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Patrick Kirch and Garrett Nickelsen of The Maine

In the hot, humid swell that is summer in Indiana, Arizona pop/rock band The Maine stopped by Indianapolis on July 19 as part of the 2016 Vans Warped Tour in order to entertain many hundreds of angsty Midwestern teens lamenting the end of their summer vacations. Shortly after the band’s all-too-brief 30-minute set, I was able to sit down with guitarist Garrett Nickelsen and drummer/dress-wearing-e…by Jennifer Uebelhack

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