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Reverend Horton Heat

For those of you who happened to find yourselves at Tempe’s one and only Marquee Theatre back on Saturday, April 5th, you can attest to the worthwhile freak out we all shared that night. To be more accurate, it was “Some kinda Phoenix psychobilly freak out,” as Jim Heath proclaimed to an ambitious crowd. With a mass of accumulated fan anticipation stirring about the tri-city area weeks before the…by Simon Peter

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Frank Turner and the Sleeping Souls

Every once in a while there comes that one show that you had always hoped you could catch. Maybe you missed the artist a few different times because of several different crappy circumstantial mishaps in location or schedule. Maybe the last time he came on tour wasn’t anywhere near where you live… The driving distance was just not close enough. Just to make it clear, I have traveled over 400 mile…by Jeff Forrest

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Augustana – Life Imitating Life

I never quite know what to expect from a new album of an artist I love. There’s the very realistic possibility that it could be a greater version of their preceding work. However, there’s always the fear I carry that this album could completely create a disconnect from myself as a listener and the artist, as they could have ventured off on some experimental path that ruins the substance of the mus…by Dani Martin

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