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Family Force 5 – Time Stands Still

Every season needs a soundtrack. Whether you’re cruising the highway on a road trip with your favorite people or taking a moment of solitude, Family Force 5′s (FF5) new album Time Stands Still is the one for this summer. It’s full of feel-good tracks that make you want to do everything that really matters: dance, smile, and appreciate life. Heavy with electronic pop, this album is overtly in your…by Dani Martin

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Marley Williams of Rebelution

Ten years is a good amount of time for a band to be together. For Rebelution, it seems that ten years is only the beginning. They have built their musical careers and longevity through extensive touring and a phenomenal collection of smooth and tranquil reggae songs. They seem to have a knack for blending classic sounds with a background of rock and modernization. With three albums already, they r…by Jeff Forrest

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Sticky Fingers – Land of Pleasure

If an Australian man’s accent doesn’t completely melt your girlish heart into a bowl of bubbling soup, then maybe a group of music making, long-haired, bearded men will? If so, you should listen to Sticky Fingers… And I don’t mean The Rolling Stones’ album. Sticky Fingers is a collaborative set of five motley men which began by the run-in of Dylan Frost (vocals and guitar) and Paddy Fingers (bas…by Heather Traficano

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