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Rey Oropeza of Downset

Hip-hop, punk, hardcore, even a little funk… Melted together to form Downset. This melding of four musical, social, and political minds started back in the day that grunge was growing its hair and flannels. Never the less, these guys from the ranks of the Los Angeles area decided to take their music to a whole new level of genre merging. Downset is definitely considered one of the pioneers of a…by Jeff Forrest

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New Medicine – Breaking the Model

Cracking back into the habit of writing about music – Oh, man… Try articulating an album you just received into words without saying things like “Man, this is so awesome!” or “Ready, listen to this!” Negating generic reactions typically isn’t the enthusiastic American way. I will, though, refrain. New Medicine’s new release Breaking the Model, released on August 25th, 2014, is now playing out of…by Jessica Jenner

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Hope Revolution Tour ft. Hawthorne Heights

The year is 2014. The act of personal expression has intuitively become the art of living. With music being a stimulating factor in the human evolution and one itself, there’s no definite say in whether music makes the change in people or if the change in people make the music. Regardless, amazing things happen during the constant flow of time, and it would be discrediting to engineers of both ins…by Heather Traficano

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