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Zion Thompson of The Green

If the sweet, island-reggae sounds of The Green don’t grab you from the first few notes, there is something tragically wrong with your sense of sound. With three beautiful albums in and an extensive touring regimen, The Green have quickly and unexpectedly found themselves in a whirlwind of success. Awards and charts aside, the amount of fan recognition and adoration is proof enough of their reach.…by Jeff Forrest

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The autumn season may soon be coming to its inevitable end, but that doesn’t mean we should take the good times to be nigh theirs. As the Phoenix tri-city area has had some serious acts roll through this year – leaving us still with more to come – we’ve especially had some memorable gigs this past month or so. To highlight one of these more recent shows, we saw Death From Above 1979 bring fellow C…by Simon Peter

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Nate Barcalow of Finch

That’s right, Finch is back! Tell your friends! I could hardly believe it myself… The last time I saw them play live was in 2009 on the Atticus Tour when they co-headlined with Blessthefall. I would describe the feeling as when you happen to find something dear to you that you thought was lost forever, dust it off, hold on tight, and enjoy it even more than before. Finch released their first ful…by Autumn Tullock

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