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Luna Aura

San Diego-born, Arizona-raised artist Luna Aura created small but powerful ripples in the industry when she released her debut self titled EP in 2014, causing enough friction to latch listeners onto her next EP act, ┬áSupernova. She didn’t stop there, however. This fall has only gotten her moving at a faster pace… With the release of her latest work, Madhouse, she has been forcing radio-active wa…by Heather Traficano

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Switchfoot and Relient K

Switchfoot joins Relient K in a nation wide tour, hitting the Marquee in Tempe on November 20th, 2016.…by Heather Traficano

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The Gentle Hits – The Gentle Hits

Once upon a time, the general area that surrounds Phoenix was graced by the melodious ramblings of Dear and the Headlights. This indie rock band was one of the staples of the local music scene in Phoenix. Unfortunately, their reign did not last, as they called it quits back in 2011. Their most active studio years took place in 2007 and 2008 when they released their studio albums Small Steps, Heavy…by Kurtis Espino

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