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The emergence of singer-songwriters has been getting stronger over the past few years. There’s truly a plethora of artists around today that write, create and arrange their own music. Sure, there are engineers and producers that help craft what you would hear on the radio, but the soul and personification of the songs are from the person who will be performing them. Sadly, if you read the liner no…by Jeff Forrest

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Hatebreed – The Concrete Confessional

Jamey and his powerful crew of hard-hitting metal crafters have come up with a new offering to add to their collection of eclectic metal albums. Hatebreed is known for their heavy melodies, hooks and riffs that emulate all of what metal is today, with the past albums being fueled with personal outcries, defeating personal demons, uniting the week to make everyone strong, and pushing people to chal…by Jeff Forrest

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In the midst of their rapidly-growing notoriety in the United States, Swedish doom metal/hard rock/groove band Ghost brought their one-of-a-kind concert experience to an energetic crowd at the Egyptian Room at Old National Centre in Indianapolis. Following their inception to the United States in late 2010/early 2011, Ghost have went from receiving unjustified criticism of their “act” to winning th…by Andrew White

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