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Nate Barcalow of Finch

That’s right, Finch is back! Tell your friends! I could hardly believe it myself… The last time I saw them play live was in 2009 on the Atticus Tour when they co-headlined with Blessthefall. I would describe the feeling as when you happen to find something dear to you that you thought was lost forever, dust it off, hold on tight, and enjoy it even more than before. Finch released their first ful…by Autumn Tullock

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The Involuntarys

Indianapolis-based punk band The Involuntarys took me on an Almost Famous-style adventure last weekend to Dayton, Ohio. I’d like to refer to my experience as a crash-course in rock band touring filled with shenanigans, drunken debauchery, and some good ‘ol fashioned rock ‘n roll. After the van, sweetly named “Margarite,” was loaded full of machines of musical destruction, 3/4ths of band members to…by Jennifer Uebelhack

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Dropkick Murphys

The first time I saw the Dropkick Murphys live was back in 1997 with Flogging Molly and ska-core legends Mighty Mighty Bosstones. They had not even released their first album, only some EPs. At the time, I was the guy who went to the show early so as to not miss any of the bands. This time proved to be the correct practice. I lost all interest in the intended leading bands when Dropkick took the s…by Jeff Forrest

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