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Dead Cross

Looking for a new band that pushes the bounds of all things heavy? How about one that challenges your scope of feeling informed through satirically charged social commentary? Whether you need some new music to mosh to, something to push you through to the end of an intense workout or a soundtrack to honor your inner monologue’s one-finger-salute behind a steadfast poker face in the wake of adversi…by Simon Peter

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The Technicolors

The Technicolors just released Metaphysical, their new album. On the day of its release, the band put on an epic album release show at Crescent Ballroom in Phoenix. The venue is awkwardly designed and is always just a little too sweaty, but I always have a great time. The opening act was DAISY. They were a fun band to watch. I’d never seen them live before, but I’d heard about them for months befo…by Shannon Cervasio

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Tony Foresta of Municipal Waste

After my interview with Fire From the Gods frontman, AJ Channer, I headed across the way to the bright green Municipal Waste merch tent to meet up with Tony for our interview.  When he arrived, he graciously offered me one of the chairs at the tent to sit in and stole the other from their merch guy while we talked and shared a few laughs about how their first Warped Tour experience is going, their…by Autumn Tullock

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