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Hop Along, Dr. Dog

On a quiet Tuesday evening, there was an invasion in Tempe… An invasion of Philadelphians! All bad jokes aside, The Marquee Theatre was fortunate to be visited by some of the biggest names in Philadelphia-based indie rock: Dr. Dog and Hop Along. Dr. Dog first came to my musical interests when a friend showed me their album that they had just released at the time in 2008, Fate. Although I have be…by Kurtis Espino

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Marianas Trench, the Hey You Guys!! Tour

Tonight was an exciting night, not only because I had been waiting for Marianas Trench to come to AZ for years, but also because my mom, younger brother and I were going to experience it all together. I love that my brother is at that age where we share music we find with each other, and he comes to shows with me. In this case, I had shown him the video for “Celebrity Status” a while back and had…by Autumn Tullock

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Elvis Cortez of Left Alone

The day before Left Alone came to perform with T.S.O.L. at Tempe’s Yucca Tap Room, I was given the opportunity to have a chat over the phone with Left Alone’s vocalist and chief songwriter Elvis Cortez. It’s safe to say that Elvis had a lot to say about the history of Left Alone and is excited to celebrate a whopping 20 years of making music his lifestyle. The last time I saw you guys was at the N…by Kurtis Espino

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