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Lacey Sturm – Life Screams

I first heard Lacey Sturm’s soft, yet commanding voice while attending the 2006 Family Values Tour in Indianapolis. At the time, she was a founding member of the Texas Christian rock band Flyleaf. After that short set, I was hooked. I bought their debut full-length, self-titled album (released in the fall of 2005) and never looked back — yes, kids, people used to buy physical albums back then. I p…by Jennifer Uebelhack

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Mike Gallo of Agnostic Front

If you have any affection for metal, punk or a mix of the two, you have no doubt come across the name Agnostic Front. One of the most resilient hard core bands over the past 30 years, these guys have influenced bands that have influenced other bands. Therefore, they are arguably the Godfathers of New York Hard Core. Sure, you can go down the list: Crumbsuckers, Murphys Law, Cro-Mags, etc… They have all contributed in admirable fashion. But after the growing pains and changes that all bands go through, who is still standing? Who is still kicking ass in clubs all across the world? Who is still in the front lines of the genre that they helped build?…by Jeff Forrest

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After a rough day, there’s nothing like a night of some good rock to get me out of a slow roll. Lately, it seems I have been adding a variety to my venue experiences here in Phoenix with The Rebel Lounge now on the list. It was founded in 1979 as the Mason Jar. It became quite the iconic venue here in Phoenix, hosting bands before their success, and changed hands in 2015 to become The Rebel Lounge…by Autumn Tullock

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