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Iron Reagan – Crossover Ministry

Emerging into the new year is always fun for a band who has a new album up its sleeve. Take, for example, the Richmond thrashers of Iron Reagan. These scruffy, denim-clad metal heads have come back with their blaring new album Crossover Ministry. Starting the album, the opening track “A Dying World” is the prime example of a mosh pit-inducing rager that gets an audience moving and shouting along.…by Kurtis Espino

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Superjoint, Battlecross, Child Bite

Is there anything so sweet as the first concert of the year? Knowing those New Year’s resolutions you lied to yourself about have failed and the atrociousness of 2016 seems to be carrying over into 2017, why not find a great show in a seedy place and let loose your woes and worries through the art of the pit?…by Spencer Hotz

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The list of legendary bands from the ’70s and ’80s that I have had the privilege of seeing is limited to AC/DC, Iron Maiden, The Cure, Bon Jovi and Slayer. I am excited to say that I can now add Styx to that list! Sometimes, you sit and wonder if the bands that are still going at it are going with vigor, or are going more the monster mash route as more mummy than rocker in their age. I may have ha…by Autumn Tullock

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